12 October, 2007

i cant go to brooklyn, i am famous movie star

one week here and i am famous...ok maybe not famous...ok maybe not even well known...but i AM working...and that's a start...

on monday i had my film debut dancing...yes dancing...in a bollywood film...i did that for a couple days then yesterday i worked on a tv series...

this guy approached me on the street and asked if i would like to be an extra in a film...its a popular thing here, i had done it when i was in thailand as well...they take anyone...except fat people...yikes

so we arrive at the studio and they sort push you around put you in place and yell action...very confusing but totally fun...i am meeting tons of fun indians and some western folks as well


glinke said...

Sometimes pop music reflects my life in a way that's so accurate it is pretty scary:

"Quit your job, dear
Then you can stay here at home beside me
You be James Dean
I`ll be Sal Mineo, you can hide me
How beautiful you are tonight
Just like a moviestar"

(The 6ths - Just Like A Movie Star)

Oliver said...

mr. movie star,

you're inches away in receiving a bollywood star walk of fame.

now, how much do extras earn in india!?!

Wil said...

Wow, a real-life Bollywood dance sequence?! How cool...are they making you tan a bit? I would think you'd be a bit out of place amongst the other Desi. :)
So when you starting the "Dabule" Fan Club? Can I be your first member?