14 October, 2007

fresh faces of bollywood

not much going on today...jeez that was kinda of a boring start...keep reading it will get better....so i went to a party last night it was at a "nightclub" and everyone kept buying the "american' drinks so my heads a bit done in today...there were two sides to the nightclub, one that played american music (bon jovi) and the other that played bollywood hits...it was so fun to watch the kids dancing...i met an american from DC and we are going to be friends...he's lived here for a year, working at a school...his apartment is paid for by the school...i need a gig like that....as much as i love the bollywood thing i need to find something "real"...i also met an indian guy that writes for a bollywood magazine i told him to do a segment on me..."fresh faces of bollywood"...he said "maybe"...we are going to be friends as well

on friday i had an audition for a film...i know right...anyway it was ridiculous...cause i keep waiting for people to realize that i am not really an actor...but they aren't...and now my agent is saying i should summit my photo to modelling agencies...i know right...watch out tyra here i come...it seems that most of the travelers here are 20-25 so my niche is that i am "older"...finally it may pay off...so anyway the audition was hilarious cause i have no idea what i am doing...anyway i am sure i wont get it...but for five minutes it was fun to let my mind run wild with the idea.

tomorrow i am doing a commercial...which i am excited for...and tomorrow night airs the TV program i worked on last thursday...

so thats india today...don't dream it, be it!!!


glinke said...

all of a sudden i realized i don't have a clue on why you are there.

(apart from sticks, i mean)

did you already lick a stamp for me?

Selfish Giovanni.

Wil said...

Wow, so like, you're totally an actor now? LOL. When can we expect the "oopsie" shots of you coming out of Limos with no undies, on TMZ? ;)