23 October, 2007

fingers crossed...life is funny

the sun will come out tomorrow...hopefully...i just got a call from a "fellow actor" about a job tomorrow...its a voice over which are the sweet gigs to get...they normally take only 3-4 hours and PAY BIG!!

so he asked if i could do a british accent i said no he said "it pays 5000rs" ($100) i said "pip pip cheery o'"...so hopefully i can fake it and make it...he said "its India what do they know about a british accent"...i didn't mention that whole colonization thing

monday i did another dance scene for a movie..the actress looked like a man in a BAD dress i told some of my indian friends...they got really upset...ooopppss!! she was kinda alwful all day then at the end she came round and said thank you to everybody..then i kinda loved her and her man body in a bad dress.

today i did a scene for a film that stars a famous indian TV personality...he was really nice...it's his leap to the big screen...it's a thriller action film...the best part was that it was shot at the airport that i flew into. i remember just 22 days ago arriving and learning about my missing luggage and crying in the cab hoping india wasn't gonna kick my ass...and hoping i hadn't made a mistake coming here blah blah blah...and now...i'm a star baby...life is funny!

oh and two of the people at the shoot today said they saw me on the soap i did...that felt really really cool...sort of the closest i've come to some weird kinda fame (so far)...life is so funny!!

when i am at the shoots i have really been asking people different things to say in hindi...the language is starting to make since...but then i just tried to order dinner and the waiter just looked at me and said..."in english please"

can i say it again...life is funny!!!

next post will be photos!!!


Wil said...

Yes, it certainly is a hoot.
Can't wait for the next post with pix! :D

Oliver said...

i can't believe i officially know a bollywood movie star.

one degree of seperation...ha!!!