13 October, 2007

do fries go with those sticks!

Last night marks the beginning of Navratri...a Hindu festival celebrating someones death or rebirth or marriage to a monkey...who can tell. the main activity around this holiday is "clicking of sticks"...people gather doing these dances which include clicking Navratri sticks...the sticks (two of them) are about the size of drum sticks and are covered in elaborate fabrics with embellishments of ribbons and piping. there is a routine of about 5-6 steps which all include and clicking of the two sticks together. when you get a street of devotees all clicking...the sound is powerful...knowing the festival was coming...i wanted sticks...

i enjoy McDonald's. i know this sends shivers down the spines of my hipster friends and fellow travelers but i am an American. a child of the 70's. McDonald's is a part of who i am. McDonald's restaurants are plentiful in India but the menu is completely different. They serve no beef (yes!) or pork (dabule yes!!). They have menus items like McLoo Tikka (my favorite-20rs) and Majaratia Mac (155rs for combo) and there cokes are served with no ice -which is strange with it being 800 degrees here.
eating at McDonald's in India:
a: is pretty safe as far as cleanliness goes
b: keeps me western-so many people traveling here are on a journey to disconnect from the western world-which i totally get it's just not my trip
c: i eat 3 meals a day-21 per week-if 2 or 3 of those are from McDonald's and keep me from being totally homesick than so be it!

the other day feeling peckish i headed for the golden arches. i got a combo. the cashier said do you need sticks...huh?...with every combo meals this week you get a free set of Narvrati sticks...(yes!)...god bless you McDonald's and god bless you Hindu god of stick clicking...I'll see you at the festival...I'll be the one with McDonald's sticks and a full belly!!

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Wil said...

Fuck hipsters and the other Americans who scoff it! I loves me some McD's too. Granted it's not the healthiest shit to put in one's body, but then again, what is?! I too enjoy the Golden Arches when I'm abroad from time to time. Nothing wrong with feeling connected to home through a little bit of McGrease!
(Glad to see you got your sticks though! hehe)