29 October, 2007

accents, parties and hemorrhoids!

dear readers...(firstly, i don't have, roids, read on)....secondly sorry i ve been busy this past couple of days and been blog slacking...this may be a long one...where to begin...voice-over...it was for this film called "something" "something" "something" goal...about a football team that travels to UK for some games..we had to do back ground voices...it SUCKED...it took 12 hours...and my british accents SUCKS...it was retarded...but at the end they paid me 6000rs ($120us)which rocked!!...i did the team doctors voice....i place a call to the team captain and say:

"johnny this is doctor greg...i just checked sunny bashils charts and it is very dangerous for him to play, he has a hairline fracture to his nose, johnny he is just not fit to play" and then earlier in the film i say: everything checks out fine...welcome to whitehull" so its a real actor on film but i am his voice...sunny is played by john abraham who is the hot hot actor right (google his photos you'll be glad you did)...he's just released a film called 'no smoking' which is this new breed of movies releaseing here which are "anti-bollywood song and dance"...it's a good film but bizarre...i saw it saturday...but i am getting ahead of my self...voice over was 24th wednesday...thursday i was off and didn't really do much...

friday my agent called at 5am and asked me to come do a film...so i went and it turned out to be a jesse metcalf film...hes the gardener from desperate housewives...its called 'other end of the line'..it sound terrible....so we go to this five star hotel are put in this room and there we sat four 8 hours and then told we could go home...never got used and never got to see jesse...but i still got paid and speaking of pay i asked for a raise at the suggestion of my actor friends and now my daily rate is 700rs up from 500rs...it like $4us but it increases my profile and its a bad habit to convert into us dollars because to ya'll four dollars is nothing but 200rs is important...so i was happy cause i had to ask for the raise and it felt uncomfortable to do anyway....let move onto saturday...went to see no smoking got a copy of shataram which is the new hot india book...johnny depp is doing the movie....anyway everybody read the book...its good...so it sells in the shops for 500rs and i found a photocopied bootleg on the street the guy wanted 400rs for it but i walked away after haggling with it for 120rs...went to dinner with my friend david then to a party where most of the people had just come from seeing beyonce...tickets didn't sell very well and they said she was sweating so much it looked like she pee'd her pants...i should have gone!

sunday i had a shoot...it was at a jazz lounge that was supposed to take place in Toronto....i had to dance...i was talking to the actor telling him that i had seen 'no smoking'...i asked what he had been in recently and he said "jab we met" and in my head i realized it was the film that opened opposite "no smoking"...so basically i told the lead actor of the film that i went to see the competitions film opening day and not his...i am winning so many friends!!!

today i did another soap...it called rhaki (rocky) it was fun i was a business man again...the lead actor is very famous and ignored me...he had hemorrhoids and everybody had to rush around looking for his haemorrhoid pillow...whenever he sat down he would say in english.."oh that burns"..i almost pee'd myself...can you imagine..i took a photo of him holding the pillow.

we got done early which is nice and which is why i can write the longest blog ever...and i still have more to say...it will have to wait...the next two days i am back on the film of the star i insulted...

oh i am having trouble getting photos uploaded...i will try...i love ya'll


Wil said...

your blogs are the new highligt of my day. :)

scooterguy said...

i've been reading your blog and so has dennis, bob, etc....
if anyone else would have told me they were doing what you're doing, i would'nt believe it.
you are definitely in your element.
i hope you will write a book about all of these events. then it can be made into a movie and george cloony can play you. (or is that rosemary cloony?)
miss you, love you.

Oliver said...

you're such a schmoozer...lovesit!

glinke said...

i've been reading your blog since 1996 and this post is top. stop!

plus, i agree with scooterguy.

you really should write a book about you landing in mumbai and everyone seems to like you but they don't so they hunt you and wanted to kill you and then you go back home thanks to Drew Barrymore.

i know for sure that dennis bob and a guy bizzarely named etc will read it.